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Woke up and came right back to make this.

I've been wanting to start another journal for awhile now. It's been so long since I've written anything and the recent events in my life have giving me the motivation to do so. I feel like I'm at a huge pivotal moment in my life. I'm 24 years old and I work at a fast food joint that's smack dab in the middle of town. and I always have that little spot in the back of my mind to just quit. I never graduated high school. Not that I wasn't smart or anything. (I'm a goddamn Genius.) It was just back then I never gave myself the push to truly do something with my life. To think, 5 years of doing nothing and about 1 year of working and only now I want something more out of life. First thing's I done when I dropped out of high school was get a G.E.D. Maybe it was the depression I was feeling at the time, but I at least wanted something to call my own, that the last 12 years weren't for nothing. Looking back now, I do kinda regret not finishing high school, I just wasn't in the right mindset at the time. Anyway, I've been thinking of going back into schooling. It would be so much better than having to wake every Morning at 6 just to go make Sandwiches.

I have so much more to write, but I must go visit me mum up the street. I'll leave with this last tidbit. I'm also starting this journal for myself. One of the greatest feelings I ever have is whenever I be cleaning through my room or wherever and finding one of my old pieces of paper that I wrote (be it for me or someone close.) I hope I keep at this for awhile and I look back at this first (2nd but who's counting?) post years down the road.

"Whenever you are sad or alone or scared, always remember that the most amazing person in your life is yourself, you are more capable then you could ever fathom..."


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